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Il logo della Rete Veneto Equo, 20 tra cooperative e associazioni iscritte all’Elenco Regionale delle organizzazioni del Commercio Equo e Solidale.

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Promotion of the ethnic and linguistic minorities of Veneto

The Veneto Region supports Veneto linguistic and ethnic minorities in order to recover, preserve and develop the value of its own historic and cultural heritage.
The Regional Law n. 73, December 23rd 1994, finances proposal of recovery, preservation and development of culture and language proposed by associations and committees representing the communities.
The initiatives can be related to:
- Protection, renewal, preservation and enhancement of historical heritage binding communities to their own territory;
- Linguistic and historic research, study publication, researches and documents, courses on local culture, language and toponymy enhancement;
- Set up and promotion of local museums and cultural institutions;
- Organization of exhibitions aiming at promoting and developing customs and traditions belonging to communities.
The Veneto Region approves the criteria for contributions by taking into consideration the number of citizens belonging to each community.
Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce and health centers can ask the Veneto Region for state funding aiming at protecting and enhancing ethnic minorities of their territories in compliance with the Law n. 482, December 15th 1999 and with the regulations.

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