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Human Rights

The Veneto Region has been actively committed to the promotion of human rights for nearly twenty years, by carrying out initiatives both in the regional territory and in several foreign Countries. The approval of Regional Law nr. 18/1988 and the later enactment of the Regional Law nr. 55/99 are clear evidence of this commitment. Regional Law. N. 55 16th December 1999 acknowledges peace and development as fundamental rights of the single person and of peoples, by being consistent with the principles of the Italian Constitution and of international law, that sanction with solemnity the promotion of human and people’s rights, of democratic liberties and of international cooperation.
The Organizational Unit for international cooperation hosts in its premises the Veneto Regional Committee for UNICEF.

Fighting violence against women 

The Regional Law 23rd April 2013, n. 5 “Regional interventions to prevent and fight violence against women” expects the Veneto Region to set up actions aiming at protection and recovery of the normal living conditions of women victims of violence as well as actions aiming at fighting this phenomenon.
To that end, the rule states that the Region - in collaboration with local authorities, institutions, associations and no profit organizations having among their main purposes the fight and prevention of violence against women and minors and that have already developed specific experiences and skills - promotes and favors the setting up of antiviolence centers, safe houses and second stage houses for women victims of violence and their minor children.
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