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Decentralized Cooperation and International Solidarity

Decentralized Development Cooperation 

The Veneto Region, by carrying out its activities of decentralized cooperation over the years, has set up a “regional System” for the cooperation: the Region coordinates and involves the actors of cooperation by building up a network, by realizing and supporting initiatives that are deep rooted in the Veneto territory. Its action is also characterized by considering the recipients of support as real partners, with whom you can establish durable operative relations of mutual exchange and real development.

International Solidarity

The Region carries out a lot of international solidarity interventions, in terms of humanitarian aid in favor of peoples hit by serious natural calamities or involved in other extraordinary crises situations. These actions have necessarily a limited duration, since their aim is giving an immediate answer to emergencies.
Emergency actions are faced by the Regional Ministry for development cooperation, in collaboration with the Regional Ministries for Civil Defence, Welfare Policies and Healthcare just in order to create the necessary synergy that allows to face emergencies with timeliness, planning and professionalism.
The Veneto Region is the Italian leader Region for emergencies and collaborates with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the National Civil Defence.

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