Euroregion Without Borders (Villa Manin)

The word “Euroregion” refers to a transnational cooperation structure, between local and regional organizations located on the national borders of their member states, whose aim is the development and the integration of their territories within the European context.

The Region of Veneto, following the Reform of the Title V of the Italian Constitution, and the new possibilities offered by the paragraph 5° and 9° of article 117 of the Constitution, has immediately shown its will in the creation of a Euro-region with the Italian neighbouring Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Austrian Land Carinthie, initially called “Euro-region Villa Manin”.

The Euro-region project, designed in order to promote, develop and value the geographic area correspondent to the territory of the three partner Regions, has evolved in the EGTC project after the EC Regulation n.1082/2006 came into force. This project has been realized the 27th November 2012 in Venice, with the establishment of the EGTC "Euregio Senza Confini r.l. - Euregio Ohne Grenzen mbH" .

The Directorate for Institutional Reforms and Delegation Process works to support the regional institutional bodies in the construction of the EGTC and the Euroregion. In particultar, contributing to the elaboration of the proposals for the constitution of the Euroregion, collaborating to the editing of the founding document and participating to all the technical working groups, for example for the implementation of the Klagenfurt Protocol, signed in 2007 by Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Carinthia, and renewed in December 2011. After the entry into force of the EC Regulation about the EGTC, the Directorate followed all the technical and juridical aspects of the EGTC project “Euregio Without Borders”.

Euroregione [pdf 41,6 KB]
Iter GECT/Euroregione [pdf 69 KB]
The EGTC Regulation: the implementation in Italy and courent debates - Slides [pdf 145 KB]
Law 7 july 2009, n. 88 (European acr 2008) [pdf 68 KB]

DPCM 6 october 2009 EGTC register [pdf 12,5 KB]
Act of the Land Carinthie [pdf 1,38 MB]
Regional Decisions
Veneto towards the the Euroregion – Article published on "Il Diritto della Regione" n. 1-2/2008 [pdf 96,1 KB]
The European Group of Territorial Cooperation – Article published on "Il Diritto della Regione" n. 1-2/2008
Bibliography [pdf 15,5 KB] 

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