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A trans local cooperation between Italy and South East Europe

The network aims to support the countries of southeast Europe in the process of integration into European Union by supporting the capacity of government of the public administrations involved. The actors of the network are called to support the development of administrative decentralization that will increase local development in the Balkans, offering real opportunities to work on specific areas in line with EU standards.
At the same time, the initiative aims to create a system of cooperation between actors of Italian regional cooperation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, increase their ability to impact local priorities, and make sustainable territorial partnerships.

This process will be developed using two different types of actions:

Horizontal Actions - a range of activities, closely integrated with other actions of the program, that will benefit all local partners of the project working on common components such as:
Action A - Institutional Building
Action B - Information and communication
Action C - Research
Action D - Local Associations between EEA

Vertical action - organized in main subject areas to be developed in a network among multiple partners and territories with a direct effect in areas of South East Europe.
Action 1 - Promotion of cultural tourism
Action 2 - Enhancing rural land and natural environment
Action 3 - Support for SMEs and cross-border business cooperation
Action 4 - Territorial planning and Social Services

The vertical actions should have common characteristics in the territories of Southeast Europe including:

  1. the production of a socio economic effects and implications for the areas involved;
  2. the realisation of concrete actions, innovative and sustainable in the medium term;
  3. continuity or contiguity with projects completed or under construction and giving priority to
  4. interventions that insist on strong partnerships already running;
  5. a partnership approach to find the best solutions to the problems and needs of the territory;
  6. a close liaison with the Community strategies and the national policies;
  7. coordination with other actors of international cooperation paying particular attention to the intervention programs;
  8. the opportunity to offer continuity and connection with EU funds, in order to promote a multiplier effect of the resources.

The Veneto Region  will lead the Vertical Action1A: Vertical valorisation of tourism
Joint Promotion and enhancement of cultural, environmental and historical heritage of Istria and
EEA territories involved: County of Istria, Rovinj, Pazin, Varazdin and the Municipality of Verteneglio
Italian partners: Regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany
Objective: the specific objective is the enhancement of cultural, natural and historical heritage of the  territories involved by strengthening technical capacity in territorial and promotional marketing and through a joint collaboration strategy that involves administrations, institutions and local actors of the private sector.
Expected Results:
1 - Specific knowledge in marketing planning and marketing events
2 - Joint Promotion Strategy
3 - Joint regional promotion and enhancement

Duration of the action: 30 months
Budget: € 767,089.00

Data ultimo aggiornamento: 22 gennaio 2013