Murano Artistic Glass 

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As part of a broader view of protection and enhancement of typical and traditional Veneto product manufacturing and marketing, the Veneto Region protects and promotes the designation of origin of artistic glassworks created on the island of Murano, since glasswork is an inherent part of Venetian historical and cultural heritage.

The "Vetro Artistico Murano" trademark, filed and registered at the European Office for Harmonisation in Alicante, no. 00481812, has been established and is regulated by Regional Law no. 70/1994.

Protected glasswork products

Products manufactured on the island of Murano are safeguarded in accordance with artistic and production criteria that, although innovative, respect Murano traditions, such as:

  • primary processing glass;
  • engraved, decorated and cut glass;
  • mirrors;
  • fittings;
  • pearls, beads and murrine;
  • glass lamps



Only concessionaires that undergo careful and accurate inspections are authorized by the Veneto Region to place the trademark label on their products.

Promovetro Consortium

The Promovetro Consortium, which develops and promotes Murano glass manufacturing, has been entrusted to safeguard (together with the Veneto Region) and promote the use of the collective "Vetro Artistico Murano" trademark only once special examination procedures have taken place.

Authorized shops

Part of the Promovetro Consortium's role in promoting the trademark includes authorizing private retail businesses that apply for trademark use. These businesses to comply with the foreseen conditions outlined by the regulations and are allowed to display the window trasparencies [pdf. file 187kb], featuring the trademark logo and the shop identification number, on their premises.



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